Self-Taught Artist


RECYCLED ART. The following works have been reconstructed and recycled into new works:

First works by Mississippi Delta artist Joe Moorman

Poetry embellished from the shards of a Google search on “Self-Taught Artist”

he dreams at night with the images. [from a page of disputed translations]
having dreams | recall images | these
he made into buttons.
Viewed the work of the prophets
from Moses to Chagall
the nightmare of popular image
soon became during thee
self-taught ( ) adj. Having taught oneself without formal instruction or the help of others.
pardon the interruption
like an unnamed prophet
a merchant
pack the tile
Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets [an article of faith]
religious figures
recall a night
Minnie Evans
desert wanderings
typed Joe

Self-Taught or Self-Directed Artist?

I think it’s impossible to be described as self-taught if you have access to illustrated media or a computer. If you have that, then it’s possible to observe and listen to many artists, often without ever meeting or speaking to them. “Self-directed artist” might be a better term, but this is lacking too, because sooner or later you find yourself in a dialogue, often competitive and technical, usually with someone who was dead before you were born.

Here are some more paintings and mosaics that came mainly from the imagination. These include some of my very first works in paint or mosaic: