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I have a separate page for art museums.
I also have a page for online artist registries, which are extremely useful for both finding contemporary art and promoting your own art.
Contemporary art galleries are now listed on a separate page.
I have a separate page for mosaic artist links.

The links to contemporary visual artists are divided into two categories based on what I am currently studying as a self-directed artist working on technical skills or merely what strikes my interest.  The division isn’t necessarily based on artistic merit or quality:

Artists of Interest contains links to visual artists that Joe Moorman is currently studying or viewing or following.
The Artist Registry is a more general list of contemporary visual artists online.

I have a page with instructions for how to link to Riverson Fine Art.

Artists of Interest

I am in the process of organizing the material to build this section  The purpose of these links is not to demonstrate any great knowledge of contemporary artists online.  Rather, I am compiling this list to compensate for my ignorance in this area.  For most of my life, art was mainly available via library books, and this meant that I looked at artists from the past for the most part.  The Internet has been a fantastic tool for finding and viewing contemporary art, but I still spend most of my browsing time looking at the foundations of modern art: Matisse, Degas, Chagall, Redon, Cezanne, etc.  -Joe Moorman

The Artist Registry

The text used to describe each link usually comes from the artist in question at least in part.  Please report dead links using the contact page.   The websites listed include fine art, folk art, naive art, graphic art, etc.

Zsombrak Art Gallery This online art gallery is ecommerce-enable and shows internationally-known Central and Eastern European artists. A wide range of media is offered including oil painting, glass art, drawings, mixed-media artwork and sculpture.
Ronald Anderson Oil paintings by Ohio artist, very warm with great composition and subject matter.

Dominic Hand-blown glass pieces specializing in lighting.

Matthew Couper Artist Website New Zealand Painting, New Zealand Art, Wellington-based Artist

Alexis Baranek Self-taught Florida artist working in oil and acrylic to portray warm landscapes.

Gallery Djupet– Art by Michael U Johansson whos art shall give reflection without an insight into the time surrounding the moment. My art shall invite to a dialogue between the painting and yourself.

William E Morris Interesting Canadian painter.

Engelen Rustic art, rural country farms, landscapes, farm animals.

Linda Paul Prints and paintings of Italy and France.

All links, information and opinions are provided as a convenience.  The information is provided “as is” with no representations or warranties of any kind, either express or implied, and the author expressly disclaims all express or implied warranties including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy or non-infringement.

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